MOYZO inspired by nature

MOYZO’s VISION ;Nice, comfortable and natural.

Nature is our inspiration; we use her colors and shapes. Nature gives us peace and space to create. Therefore we feel the obligation to cherish. That’s why we make our clothes fair and durable and design each MOYZO garment ourselves, so we can give every detail the attention it deserves. Our clothes should be comfortable to wear, must have a beautiful and fashionable look, and fit well, so you can wear them with great pleasure. The raw materials we use are natural fibers of course; they give optimal comfort. Good materials without additives or environmental pollutant treatments, and with a nice natural look. Our cotton, linen and wool fibers, come from ecological working farmers. The professionals who make our fabrics, work sparingly with energy, water and other raw materials. They all keep the Earth clean and fertile in a natural way.We have a large collection with lots of colors and sizes, therefore we keep very limited stock. In order to be able to deliver quickly, MOYZO items are made at the MOYZO House studio from start to finish.It's our policy to produce in a sustainable way; with a local and on demand production we keep the ecological footprint as limited as possible.The basic items wich we do keep in stock, are produced by outdoor professionals nearby. We provide a good working space for them and a fair reward.  It’s our contribute to a fair and healthy common wealth.


The collection should, apart from the use of durable materials and fair trade production, also be durable in other ways; durability must  be reflected in the collection build-up and in the colour palette. Current collection’s  clothing and colours must be compatible not only with each other but also with those of former and future collections. The opportunity to create more combinations will make you enjoy your items for a much longer period of time. Furthermore several units can be worn in different ways and can be transformed into another, different design. Sustainability must also be reflected in fit and comfort: the better a garment fits, the higher the wearing comfort, the less it will wear out and so the longer you’ll enjoy it. We aim to make timeless favorites which you can enjoy for a long period of time!


The raw materials we use for our clothing, like biological cotton, linen and wool,are all certified biological. Among other things, this means that in the cultivation no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. Also the animal welfare is guaranteed. In this way the farmers who cultivate these raw materials, invest in a healthy soil and healthy crop. They ensure an agriculture which is in balance with the natural fauna & flora. Important for us and for future generations. Also in the factory where our fabrics are produced, the production process is ecofriendly: careful use of water, energy and other things required for production of clothing, such as ecofriendly dyes (colourants) and fibres. We aim to purchase our fabrics as closeby as possible which also contributes to a smaller ecological footprint.Beautiful & comfortable natural fabrics, gentle on your skin and gentle for the environment.
To minimize the environmentle impact, we prefer local production.We keep short lines to monitor better quality. By manufacturing either in our home studio or small factories nearby, we can deliver quickly and keep stock small, without surplus. Also quite durable!


Direct customer contact without unnecessary intervention; creator meeting user. We want our “organics” to be available for anyone, anyplace and for realistic prices. That’s why we consciously choose for this way of selling. The prices of sustainable materials and of fair production are much higher than those of a regular fashion brand. By eliminating several steps such as selling to shops, we keep our products affordable. As (almost) everything is in our hands and we deliver directly to the customer, we can offer the personal attention and service that our products and clients deserve. Meanwhile arises an online meeting place where maker and user can exchange ideals and desires. This will contribute to committed customers who can play a role in the sustainability of fashion industry and to true ambassadors of the “slow fashion movement” and who want to step back from the ruthless and fast fashion industry.

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